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Whether it is a Birthday, milestone, or even a well-deserved roast, the perfect performer is only a search away. Find yours and request your personalized greeting video from them.

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Princesses, Superheroes, Legends, Celebrity Impersonators,

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158476Surprise Greeting  Videos 158476Surprise Greeting  Videos
I will make santa claus newspaper merry christmas greeting video
158392Surprise Greeting  Videos 158392Surprise Greeting  Videos
Buddy the elf
158321Surprise Greeting  Videos 158321Surprise Greeting  Videos
Boston Bruins Harley Quinn
158325Surprise Greeting  Videos 158325Surprise Greeting  Videos
Boston Red Sox Harley Quinn
158327Surprise Greeting  Videos 158327Surprise Greeting  Videos
New England Patriots Harley Quinn
158151Surprise Greeting  Videos 158151Surprise Greeting  Videos
Greetings From Santa Claus
158028Surprise Greeting  Videos 158028Surprise Greeting  Videos
Video message from Tony Stark!
157942Surprise Greeting  Videos 157942Surprise Greeting  Videos
I will make custom joe biden happy birthday video with your photo
157806Surprise Greeting  Videos 157806Surprise Greeting  Videos
I will say anything you want as an actor on a green screen
157799Surprise Greeting  Videos 157799Surprise Greeting  Videos
I will create a video greeting as the Caped Crusader
157795Surprise Greeting  Videos 157795Surprise Greeting  Videos
I will say anything you want as a redneck in a video
157791Surprise Greeting  Videos 157791Surprise Greeting  Videos
I will film the best video message from the real Santa Claus
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Princess Birthday Greeting
Princess Birthday Greetings

Make your loved one’s birthday truly magical with a personalized video greeting from an enchanting princess. Delight your little prince or princess as they receive a heartfelt message filled with best wishes & joy. It’s the perfect way to make their special day unforgettable

Superhero pep talk
Superhero Pep Talk

Need a pep talk that packs a punch? Superhero performers are here to inspire and empower with personalized pep talks. Let them unleash their heroic words and energize your child with a message of strength, resilience, and the belief that they can conquer any challenge. Get ready to soar to new heights!

Royal announcement
Royal Announcement & Invites

Announce your special occasion in regal style with a personalized video invitation or announcement from a charming prince or princess. Whether it’s a birthday party or a celebration fit for royalty, this invite will captivate your guests and leave a lasting impression.

Make a special announcement

Get your personalized video message.